Pregnancy & Postpartum Therapy

Becoming a new parent is one of the most life-altering events in a person's life. It can be so difficult for many new parents to voice their struggles in adjusting to parenthood because having a new baby is expected to be a time of great joy.

Having a baby is a joyful life event. It’s also one of the most life-altering, stressful experiences that humans can have. Hormone fluctuations, physical changes, sleep deprivation, and the adjustment required to become a parent can often leave new and experienced parents feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Both women and men can experience postpartum depression and anxiety. The good news is that it does get better, and therapy can help you achieve that balance faster and with confidence. I offer a supportive environment where you can talk about your choices as a parent without judgement, from sleeping arrangements to whether or not to breastfeed.

Some parents are affected by postpartum depression and anxiety as soon as in the third trimester of pregnancy. Therapy can help ease the transition to parenthood and address any factors that might put you at higher risk.

My goal is to identify practical steps you can take to start feeling better and enjoying parenthood immediately. You can expect our perinatal sessions to be brief and effective — but many parents choose to continue therapy beyond the perinatal realm so they can explore any unresolved issues from the past, and it’s my pleasure to provide you those services, too.

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Common Struggles for new parents:

  • Loss of identity
  • Changes in career Path
  • Frustration with spouse or partner
  • Support from family members and friends that may or may not feel helpful
  • Frustration with lack of sleep
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of taking care of a baby that you can talk about
  • Having some worries about baby (is baby eating enough, development, not being sure if something is normal)

Additional Services

Trauma & EMDR

Traumatic events can alter a person’s sense of safety, self-esteem, self-worth, and view of the world. Feeling stuck and unable to move past the event is common.

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Couples Therapy

Whether you’re a new parent or your kids are teenagers, parenting hand-in-hand with your partner isn’t always easy. If you and your spouse are partner can’t seem to agree on how to parent, therapy can be a critical tool to help navigate new parenting landscapes.

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Family Therapy

Without tools necessary to resolve family conflicts and grow from struggles, unhealthy patterns of interaction and on-going stress from constant conflict can occur.

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