Family therapy

Conflict and difficulties in families are a normal part of life.

Without tools necessary to resolve conflict and grow from struggles, unhealthy patterns of interaction and on-going stress from constant conflict can occur.  If you’re finding that this is what you’re experiencing in your family relationships, family therapy can be beneficial in learning tools to resolve conflict, and how to build healthier and better functioning dynamics within your family.

My job is to help provide you with an objective perspective in how your family is currently functioning.

When you understand how your family system works, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses in your relationships and develop workable strategies to overcome challenges and improve communications.  

Issues that can be addressed in family therapy:

  • Parenting strategies at any stage if childhood and adolescence
  • Supporting a family member who has experienced trauma, physical illness, or mental health concerns
  • Co-parenting after divorce
  • Parent-child conflict
  • Adoption related issues

Additional Services

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Being pregnant and having a baby is a major life event that can be just as difficult as it is joyful. If the challenges are overwhelming and you’re wondering what happened to you and your life, you could be experiencing postpartum anxiety and/or depression.

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Trauma & EMDR

Traumatic events can alter a person’s sense of safety, self-esteem, self-worth, and view of the world. Feeling stuck and unable to move past the event is common.

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Couples Therapy

Relationships are complicated, and they don’t become easier because you are married or have a child together. When there’s conflict or friction, or you’re repeating unhealthy patterns, therapy can help.

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