My Journey Through Darkness: My Experience with Postpartum Depression and Lessons Learned

  So what’s MY story and how did I become so passionate about moms and mental health? I have been really hesitant about telling this story. Most of the time when I read therapists’ blogs, most of them aren’t disclosing their own struggles with a mental illness. I took a chance at the support group… View Article

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Creating Connections That Heal

This week has evolved into the unexpected. I’m realizing that I have reached out to and talked to more people in the past 2 months as I am building my practice than I probably ever have. I’ve reconnected with women who I hadn’t spoken to in years. I’ve met women from all different professions. Through… View Article

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Is This Love?

From the time you begin to tell people that you are pregnant, new parents are flooded with comments from loved ones from parenting advice to how it feels to become a parent. One particular comment that I remember hearing a lot is how I would just fall in love with my baby. That I would… View Article

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Uplift New Mom Support Group

I am so excited to announce that Bernstein Counseling is partnering with Rachel Weinstock, the author of the Tired As A Mother blog to bring you the Uplift New Mom Support Group.  Our first meeting will be on 7/15/18 at 10am.  This is a group to support pregnant and new moms in the adjustment to… View Article

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